Why Rite of Passage Journeys are Great for Student Wellbeing


When it comes to student wellbeing, a Rite of Passage framework is something that schools around Australia can and should utilise to better prepare young people for the challenges they will face now and as an adult. Here’s why.

Why Rite of Passage Journeys are Great for Student Wellbeing2021-09-09T03:50:39+08:00

Cultural & Environmental Immersion (ACE Leadership Program)


We have experienced for many years the value of travel experiences. Most notably how this life-changing opportunity can enhance maturity, confidence, and independence in young people. Read on to hear from Scottie Wood from AdventureWorks and Robbie Watson, a senior Nykina man.

Cultural & Environmental Immersion (ACE Leadership Program)2021-03-25T22:23:32+08:00

Rite of Passage Journey Camp


At AW we love building long and lasting relationships with schools, teachers and students. At John Wollaston we now deliver a Rite of Passage Journey Camp program for the year 8, 9 and 10 cohorts. We start by recognising the start of the journey to adulthood and take the year 8 students camping into the beautiful Dwellingup Bush.

Rite of Passage Journey Camp2021-03-25T08:05:49+08:00
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