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We are excited to launch our new Rite of Passage program,

a 12 month eLearning program

An interactive health and well being program for students and teachers


Our Programs.

Growth flourishes in the outdoors.

After 25 years’ working in the outdoors, Adventure Works, with our Rite of Passage Programs, has become expert at creating space to disconnect from daily life, create meaningful connections and a safe place to push the limits for growth and transformation.

Connection to self.
Knowing the potential within.

Connection to nature.
Caring about the natural world.

Connection to community.
Feeling like I belong.

I firmly believe that the year 9 boys in my group adopted a lot of the values and attitudes that drove the transition to adulthood program. I have been with my group as the pastoral care teacher for 3 years and I am impressed with the outcomes achieved. It gives me great hope for more growth in the next 3 years.

Year 9 PCG Teacher, INTO ADULTHOOD Camp

Loved it! I feel privileged to have been able to be part of the experience to get to know these wonderful young people and see their learning and understanding grow significantly across only a few days (it was also fantastic for my own mental health – thank you!)

Year 9 PCG Teacher, INTO ADULTHOOD Camp

It was beyond my expectation. Wasn’t sure about how it would go but I really enjoyed the boys and facilitator’s company. Wow….I am surprised! It gave me insight of how mature some of the boys really are.

Year 9 PCG Teacher, INTO ADULTHOOD Camp

I find this experience very worthwhile, both on a personal and professional level, hence my willingness to keep coming back for more each year 🙂

Year 9 PCG Teacher, INTO ADULTHOOD Camp

In my 8 years of camping with groups and students – by far AW has exceeded expectations

Year 9 PCG Teacher, INTO ADULTHOOD Camp

Adventure works camps immerse young people into an intense experience of life and opportunities to grow. Students are taken out of their comfort zones by challenging and fun activities then in an environment of care and honesty asked to reflect on what really matters in life.

Year 9 PCG Teacher, INTO ADULTHOOD Camp

It was wonderful to see the kids enjoying themselves and encouraging each other. Our facilitators were fantastic!


Fabulous Opportunity. I’d love our school to do this camp every year. Would suggest to others


I love the “live the challenge” motto of Adventure Works – this is important for young people. Most of our students have expressed how they had no idea they could ride, walk (hike) or kayak so far!! They swapped “scar” stories, embraced challenges with great safety, support, encouragement and training. Just love what you are doing for this generation of kids. By reconnecting with nature and each other, they are discovering so much about themselves.

Mel Richardson, FCC

An experience worthy of the word “challenge”. Our students were encouraged to dig deep to achieve their goals. The facilitators worked well with our staff to ensure goals were met. Adventure Works are a key tool to our experiential learning for our young people. Scottie and Mary understand the challenges that young people face.

Dave Crawford, JWACS

Adventure Works provided a safe and supportive environment for our students, which allowed them to push their boundaries and learn from their experiences. Our students grew in confidence and developed resiliency over the course of the program and are better prepared to overcome future challenges because of this experience.

Samuel Harris, St Brigids

Our Tribe.

Because even the best programs need exceptional humans to bring them to life.

Our beautiful bunch of adventurers embody everything we stand for and we know you’re going to love them just as much as we do.  They are the best in the business, consistently using their unique skill-sets to weave magic through all AW programmes to ensure every single one has a positive impact on our customers.  From the AW engine room at HQ to the front line on an expedition, our tribe are relentless in their determination to make tomorrow even better than today for our young people.

Our Why.

Imagining a different future.

Working with individuals, families, schools and organisations we are passionate about building communities of connected, resilient and capable individuals.  With over 20 years’ experience in the game, we understand the power of the outdoor environment, and how far we push on the outside to create positive change on the inside.

Strong young people create healthy communities.

In a world where the pathway to adulthood is becoming increasingly tricky to navigate, we are creating a future where our young people have the space they need.  Space to learn, space to change and space to grow into their potential. By fostering growth in the next generation, we build confidence, uncover potential leaders, grow greater networks and develop healthier communities.

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Our Clients.

Every adventure is unique

Kimberley Expedition

Leading a two week expedition in the Kimberley to support an experiential learning program for Melbourne's St Kevin’s College. Melbourne’s St Kevin’s College engaged AW to design and deliver a [...]

Our Locations.


Amazing AW leaders, fabulous activities, overall a wonderful experience.

We have enjoyed the fact that Adventure Works has worked with us around our structure (2½ days)  To squeeze all activities into two days would not help us.  We hope we can use you again in 2020.

AdventureWorks has built a really challenging and rewarding program for teenagers moving into adulthood. It offers several opportunities for students to participate, lead, give feedback or simply just challenge themselves through their own choices. Along the way, students learn a lot about themselves and develop confidence, trust, independence and resilience. This is probably the best school camp experience I have seen in my 18 years of teaching and I also find it rewarding for me personally and professionally.

Year 9 PCG Teacher, INTO ADULTHOOD Camp

The AW program allows young men and women to discover/rediscover oneself through a fantastic facilitation process. Over the camp journey, students are guided through self and group reflections on top of the challenges of fending for themselves and attempting adventure activities.     It is also great as an adult observing to go through the process as well and I find it very enlightening. Great program.

Year 9 PCG Teacher, INTO ADULTHOOD Camp

AW gave our boys the opportunity to interact in a way not possible within the school context. They got to know themselves, and each other, in a meaningful way.

Year 9 PCG Teacher, INTO ADULTHOOD Camp

I am always impressed at the thought and consideration that the AW crew put into shaping and directing these camps. As an educator with 20 years of experience, I still walk away with new ways of addressing issues I may have with my young men and women students. If anything, it gives me a chance to “take stock” and re-connect with what it is like to be a teenager transitioning in to adulthood and take that back into a classroom setting for another year.

Year 9 PCG Teacher, INTO ADULTHOOD Camp

I was very impressed with AdventureWorks ability to connect with our students on a one on one level. Students felt very respected and were free to express their feelings and to grow as men.

Year 9 PCG Teacher, INTO ADULTHOOD Camp

The AdventureWorks staff go the extra mile to ensure each individual gets an unforgettable experience.


The facilitators were friendly, highly skilled in both activities and dealing with children and professional. The activities will be remembered fondly by both staff and children.

Teachers, Margaret River Montessori

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