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Dear Scottie, Mary and the AdventureWorks Team,

Thank you so much for making our Rite Journey Abyss camp a tremendous experience for both students and staff. Our young men, although exhausted, have had nothing but great things to say about the impact the camp had on them. They were grateful for so many opportunities presented to them. Opportunities such as:

The ability connect with their peers in an environment outside the classroom.

– Sharing opinions and areas of their lives in a safe way with ‘blokes who get them’ (direct quote)

– Being pushed beyond their comfort zones.

The students truly valued the way they were encouraged to accept challenge and responsibility rather than being chastised for ‘incorrect decisions.’

Your team were fantastic and provided an amazing Into Adulthood experience for our students. Our staff were very impressed with the way the facilitation of the groups worked and they have all expressed their desire to utilise similar techniques in their own teaching practise.

Thank you for all your efforts in constructing our experience. I recognise it was an enormous feat, especially at this time of year for you all. I am truly grateful for your commitment to our programme, your knowledge and expertise has been invaluable. We look forward to using you next year.

– Mike Pickford, Mazenod College