Into Adulthood

Every young person has potential.

Every young person has the potential to be brilliant.  Sometimes its clear and sometimes you need help to find it.  When you realise this potential, you have the ability to become the best version of yourself.  In our 25 years of delivering programs we know things are changing and that for young people, the pathway to adulthood is becoming increasingly tricky to navigate. In response we have recreated our programs to meet the changing needs of young people. Our programs create an environment that provide space to learn, change and grow into their potential.     

All AW programs are underpinned by a Rite of Passage framework with a health and wellbeing focus.

Our programs create an environment that provide space to learn, change and grow into their potential.    


Every adventure is unique

We don’t do one-size-fits-all programmes. Within our reputable framework, we have the freedom to tailor the look and feel of every programme we create. We work alongside organisations to gain a clear view of success and then make sure we deliver it.

If you don’t find what you are looking for on our website give us a call and we can work with you.

Into Adulthood


AW can transform your school camp to a deeper learning experience that builds connection, self-awareness and critical life skills. 

AW has a range of camping programs and locations that 

are designed with a rite of passage framework and a health and wellbeing focus.

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Into Adulthood

In School Workshops.

Our INTO ADULTHOOD school workshops are engaging and fun events designed to support your school culture while building student self-awareness, self-management, leadership and relationship skills.

Delivered either as standalone events or part of a rite of passage camping program within the school.

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Into Adulthood

Expedition Journeys.

AW can purposefully design and deliver your expedition journey programs for a deeper learning and transformational experience.  Building programs around a rite of passage and health and wellbeing framework creates an environment that is ripe for profound social and emotional development. 

Read more here about AW expedition journey programs (link to the expedition journeys page)

Read more about AW expedition journeys

Into Adulthood

Whole School Approach.

  • Parent information events.
  • Parent and Child programs.
  • Teacher training.
  • In school workshops.
  • IA camps.
  • IA expeditions.
  • Cultural Immersion programs.

AW can work with your school to deliver a range of workshops, events and camps to build a whole of community approach to rite of passage and health and wellbeing within the school.  We work with you to ensure that we are complimenting your school culture, using your language and building upon you values and mission.  The researched frameworks we use also compliment and enhance school curriculum outcomes and strategic frameworks.

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AdventureWorks’ professionalism and collaborative nature have seen us work together to develop a model that works especially for our College and our context. What initially began as a program for Year 9 students is now developing over several year groups to create a cohesive and continuous program.  Adventure Works’ programs are practical and experiential, allowing students to learn and develop through discussion, real life experiences and reflection. Their facilitators are very well trained, and adept at talking to young people at their own level. They create atmospheres and environments that are safe and comfortable for students – both physically and emotionally. One of their biggest assets is their willingness to evaluate and discuss openly the process and programs they implement – they are constantly looking for ways to further improve and develop what are already amazing programs.

Emma Jeneczko, Sacred Heart

“Dear Scottie, Mary and the AdventureWorks Team,

Thank you so much for making our Rite Journey Abyss camp a tremendous experience for both students and staff. Our young men, although exhausted, have had nothing but great things to say about the impact the camp had on them.  They were grateful for so many opportunities presented  to them.  Opportunities such as:

  • The ability connect with their peers in an environment outside the classroom.
  • Sharing opinions and areas of their lives in a safe way with ‘blokes who get them’ (direct quote)
  • Being pushed beyond their comfort zones.

The students truly valued the way they were encouraged to accept challenge and responsibility rather than being chastised for ‘incorrect decisions.’

Your team were fantastic and provided an amazing Into Adulthood experience for our students.  Our staff were very impressed with the way the facilitation of the groups worked and they have all expressed their desire to utilise similar techniques in their own teaching practise.

Thank you for all your efforts in constructing our experience. I recognise it was an enormous feat, especially at this time of year for you all.  I am truly grateful for your commitment to our programme, your knowledge and expertise has been invaluable.  We look forward to using you next year.”

Mike Pickford, Mazenod College

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