AW Into Adulthood Programs.

Every young person has potential.

At AW, we create space.  Space disconnected from the shackles of daily life.  Space offered by the outdoors, that gives the physical and mental capacity required for learning, changing and growing.  Using our experience, expertise and passion for the success of every individual, we give you the tools that guide you through the challenges offered in this space towards a better understanding of who you are.

Because the challenge of finding your path forces you to develop the confidence you need to walk it.

Inspiring Change.


We are passionate about working with young people AND their communities, because we know it’s not enough just to impact the individual.  We believe in a future where young people have a strong sense of belonging and purpose in their community as they journey into adulthood; where families feel empowered to foster deeper connections by having conversations that matter; where school communities value the skills needed to engage in authentic human connection; and where the whole community around our young people is full of adults who see the remarkable value of it’s youngest citizens.

Committing to Action.


Every young person has the potential to be brilliant.  Sometimes its clear and sometimes you need help to find it.  When you realise this potential, you have the ability to become the best version of yourself.

In our 25 years of delivering programs we know things are changing and that for young people, the pathway to adulthood is becoming increasingly tricky to navigate. 

In response we have recreated our programs to meet the changing needs of young people.  

All AW programs are underpinned by a Rite of Passage framework with a health and wellbeing focus. (Read more here out how we do what we do and why) link to “our why” page.

Our programs create an environment that provide space to learn, change and grow into their potential.    

Every adventure is unique

We don’t do one-size-fits-all programmes. Within our

reputable framework, we have the freedom to tailor the

look and feel of every programme we create. We work

alongside organisations to gain a clear view of success and

then make sure we deliver it.

If you don’t find what you are looking for on our website give us a call and we can work with you.

Positive Psychology
Rites of Passage
Social Emotional Learning
Developmental Assets

That’s Great.


We are so glad you asked! We design and deliver a range of workshops, camps, expeditions and training courses for any groups or individuals interested in creating an even better future for our young people.  The kinds of clients we have worked with already, include;

  • Primary and high school students
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Sports clubs
  • Coaches
  • Professional sporting teams
  • Corporate leadership groups
  • Plus many more

The kinds of problems we have helped clients navigate, include;

  • Developing pathways into adulthood programmes
  • Building connection between school cohorts
  • Reducing the prevalence of bullying
  • Building confidence to have conversations that matter
  • Connecting individuals to self and spark
  • Supporting young people in their transition from primary to high school
  • Empowering teachers with new skills and confidence
  • Bringing teams together for success
Our Clients