The Into Adulthood Badge


Chisholm Catholic College present students with their Into Adulthood badge to symbolise the beginning of their journey from child to adult. The school has committed to a whole community approach to guide their young people through this key transition period. Year 9 student Linusha, pictured here, is the very talented designer of the badge. Read on to learn about the symbolism in the badge.

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Rite of Passage Journey Camp


At AW we love building long and lasting relationships with schools, teachers and students. At John Wollaston we now deliver a Rite of Passage Journey Camp program for the year 8, 9 and 10 cohorts. We start by recognising the start of the journey to adulthood and take the year 8 students camping into the beautiful Dwellingup Bush.

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Kimberley Expedition


In this blog we announce our expedition in the Kimberley which supported an experiential learning program for Melbourne’s St Kevin’s College. Melbourne’s St Kevin’s College engaged AW to design and deliver a two-week expedition in the Kimberley region of Western Australia for the year 9 cohort. In July 2018, the boys will embark on a journey down the Ord River.

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Hockeyroos Team-Building


The Hockeyroos squad, coaches and their support staff spent two days with AW ahead of the 2018 Commonwealth Games. We worked with the coach to identify what they were hoping to achieve as a team and developed a series of activities to build team dynamics and cohesion and pushed them out of their comfort zone to test the team!

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Student Leader Training


Delivering student leader training and adventure activities as Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School host the 2018 Round Square School Conference. Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School were the hosts of the 2018 International Students Conference for the Round Square School Group. During the five day event, AdventureWorks ran team-building activities!

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Overnight Rite of Passage


Mazenod College run a 12 month school programme for year 9 boys and were seeking support to run an overnight Rite of Passage camp to complete their programme at the end of the year. AW worked with the year 9 coordinator to design a programme aligned with the language and intent of the school’s existing programme. Read on to hear what they had to say!

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Rite of Passage Sacred Heart College


In this blog we go over how we built a whole school approach to Rite of Passage with Sacred Heart Catholic College. Sacred Heart wanted to embed a Rite of Passage program across the school. The program is aimed to support a health and well-being approach to learning. Read on for more on how Adventure Works facilitated the program!

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