We’re Ready For The Green Light

We are now more ready than ever to get young people back in the outdoors.

Unprecedented is a word that we have heard a lot in 2020,  when across the world we found ourselves in a place that we did not see coming with no time to prepare.

However, from chaos we are witnessing examples of the resilience and adaptability of the human race and a recreating of our internal and external worlds.

We have found new and creative ways to deliver services, educate and learn, work from home, attend our exercise and yoga classes, support people in need, do our shopping, watch live music and share creativity and ideas.

Unexpectedly,  the  much-maligned use of technology has really come into its own to support us across the world.

In a time of isolation and fear, we have continued to find ways that keep us connecting meaningfully with others and somehow it has made us feel less alone, with a sense that “we are all in this together”

At AdventureWorks we are passionate about getting young people outdoors into nature, to experience challenge, build real life skills, resilience, and confidence. Learn more here: https://adventureworkswa.com.au/#adventures

This article that appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald by Jeff Mann, a passionate advocate of Experiential Learning, shows the research and evidence of the benefits of outdoor programs for students. How To Get Boys To Engage At School and Home

Science also now provides evidence that being outdoors and in nature not only improves our physical wellbeing but has a significant impact on our emotional and psychological states. We all have our version of  experiencing the shift in our state when we walk in the bush, swim in the ocean or simply lie on the ground looking up at the clouds.

In addition to these important outcomes, the key to AdventureWorks programs is the focus we place on building meaningful connection among our participants.

We do this through fun, challenge, success and failure equally, and most importantly the sharing of stories.

When we have the space and time to tell our stories of success or failure, of fear and challenge, knowing that we are being deeply listened to with open hearts and minds we share a gift.

The gift of building empathy, of deep understanding, of acknowledging and valuing the diversity of our communities, the gift of knowing we are not alone in our struggles, the gift of feeling like we truly belong.

In this space we experience a real sense that we are not meant to be alone and that we can give or find support when needed – sometimes from the most unexpected places.

During our forced isolation we have watched and experienced this need to connect and understand that that is in our DNA – as human beings we are hardwired this way.

At AdventureWorks our drive is to support this connection and to build the confidence and skills to keep connecting so we no longer feel alone.

We can’t wait to get our students back into the great outdoors and are ready and waiting to connect with you as soon as the light goes green.

See you soon.

Mary Wood

Director of AdventureWorks WA.

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