Our New Online Rite of Passage Program


We are excited to launch our new Rite of Passage program, a 12-month eLearning program. An interactive health and wellbeing program for students and teachers. In this article How To Help Young People Transition Into Adulthood, Betty Ray highlights some of the key ways that as a whole community we can support young people!

Our New Online Rite of Passage Program2021-03-25T22:15:01+08:00

We’re Ready For The Green Light


We are now more ready than ever to get young people back in the outdoors. From chaos we are witnessing examples of the resilience and adaptability of the human race and a recreating of our internal and external worlds. Unexpectedly, the much-maligned use of technology has really come into its own to support us across the world.

We’re Ready For The Green Light2021-03-25T07:58:30+08:00

How AdventureWorks is Adapting


2020 wasn't what we expected! In this blog we provide the many ways in which we have adapted such as staff connection online, online programs, creating programs in WA as well as preparing a Covid-management plan. We can't wait to be exploring our backyard in WA with everyone and finding a safe way to interact and remain a positive community.

How AdventureWorks is Adapting2021-03-25T22:18:07+08:00
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