Tribe Spotlight - Kylie M.

At AdventureWorks WA, we don’t hire. We invest.

That’s why our Tribe is part of what makes us so exceptional and we love to celebrate them.

In these Tribe Spotlight features, you can get to know our team, from their interests outside of work to all the wonderful qualities that make them such special people.

Kylie M. - Our earthy Logistics Whiz

Self-described as curious, caring, practical, open-minded and intuitive, Kylie brings a deeply grounded energy wherever she goes.

Behind her humility and can-do attitude lies a very competent and skilled facilitator who leads our Tribe by example in word and deed.

She’s a master at turning the complexity of our logistics operations into practical processes and always seems one step ahead!

Though she’s more comfortable away from the spotlight, Kylie has a calm and steady strength of character that reflects the deepest values of AdventureWorks.

Introducing, Kylie…

Kylie Melrose is the Logistics Coordinator for AdventureWorks WA

What drew you to working with young people in the Outdoor Education & Adventure space?

To help create connection with nature and self in young people.

Being inspired by their insight and seeing their growth is one of the things I love most about working in this space.

What have you been involved with outside of AdventureWorks?

I’ve been involved in outdoor education and youth development for over 15 years now. Before starting with AdventureWorks in 2019, I did a range of training and guiding roles. I’m currently qualified in:

Rock climb and abseil guide – Coastal sit on top kayak guide – Foundations in Mountainbiking – Wilderness first aid – Bachelor of Science: Health Promotion

Which part of our programs do you enjoy running the most?

Longer expeditions (like Into The Kimberley) where the group can really step into ownership of their experience.

What kinds of breakthrough moment or transformations have you seen youth/teachers/parents experience on an AdventureWorks program?

The realisation of “togetherness” in life, and that they’re not alone in the struggles or challenges they face. It’s also incredible to see young people discover they have a unique place in their community.

Which famous person (alive or dead) would you love to take away on an AW camp?

None come to mind…

If you had a day completely to yourself with no would you spend it?

Barefoot, exploring a forest or breach…

What's your favourite animal and why?

Cows- they have the most beautiful, soulful eyes.

Tell us something unique and interesting about yourself!

I’ve been sky-diving, bungee jumping, travelled solo and love rock climbing, although I am terrified of swimming in murky water where I can’t see the bottom!

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