Project Description

Building a whole school approach to Rite of Passage with Sacred Heart Catholic College.
Sacred Heart wanted to embed a Rite of Passage program across the school to support a health and well-being approach to learning. Beginning with the Year 9 camp, AW facilitators worked alongside teachers to weave processes and activities that supported safe conversations with students to consider what adulthood means to them and what the experiences and challenges of life are on the journey. The success of this camp led to the development of a 12 month in-school program for year 9 students, a re-connection camp for year 10 students, parent and student information sessions for year 8 students, teacher training and a service leadership workshops for year 11 students.

Emma Janeczko Dean of Year 11 Testimonial
“AdventureWorks’ professionalism and collaborative nature have seen us work together to develop a model that works especially for our College and our context. What initially began as a program for Year 9 students is now developing over several year groups to create a cohesive and continuous program. Adventure Works’ programs are practical and experiential, allowing students to learn and develop through discussion, real life experiences and reflection. Their facilitators are very well trained, and adept at talking to young people at their own level. They create atmospheres and environments that are safe and comfortable for students – both physically and emotionally. One of their biggest assets is their willingness to evaluate and discuss openly the process and programs they implement – they are constantly looking for ways to further improve and develop what are already amazing programs.”