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Why Grow Resilience in Young People?


When asked how important it is to grow resilience in young people, educators and parents will agree that this emotional skill is crucial for creating flourishing individuals and communities. Despite this, in Australia and most of the Western world, we are seeing a mental health crisis like never before. Here are three ways to grow resilience.

Why Grow Resilience in Young People?2021-09-09T04:03:40+08:00

How to Teach True Student Leadership in Schools


Our communities need strong leaders and this starts with growing social and emotional learning skills in the young people in our schools. In this blog we cover what good leadership really is and what skills are associated with it, we go over key leadership frameworks and then some of our tips for teaching student leadership in schools.

How to Teach True Student Leadership in Schools2021-09-09T03:53:05+08:00

How Learning in the Outdoors Helps Young People Connect


As educators and parents, our role in young people’s lives is incredibly powerful and the way we enrich their learning directly impacts the person they become. Let’s go over the many ways that learning in the outdoors helps with building three core connections in a world full of ongoing distractions.

How Learning in the Outdoors Helps Young People Connect2021-03-26T04:45:03+08:00

The Into Adulthood Badge


Chisholm Catholic College present students with their Into Adulthood badge to symbolise the beginning of their journey from child to adult. The school has committed to a whole community approach to guide their young people through this key transition period. Year 9 student Linusha, pictured here, is the very talented designer of the badge. Read on to learn about the symbolism in the badge.

The Into Adulthood Badge2021-03-25T07:40:10+08:00

Our New Online Rite of Passage Program


We are excited to launch our new Rite of Passage program, a 12-month eLearning program. An interactive health and wellbeing program for students and teachers. In this article How To Help Young People Transition Into Adulthood, Betty Ray highlights some of the key ways that as a whole community we can support young people!

Our New Online Rite of Passage Program2021-03-25T22:15:01+08:00

Cultural & Environmental Immersion (ACE Leadership Program)


We have experienced for many years the value of travel experiences. Most notably how this life-changing opportunity can enhance maturity, confidence, and independence in young people. Read on to hear from Scottie Wood from AdventureWorks and Robbie Watson, a senior Nykina man.

Cultural & Environmental Immersion (ACE Leadership Program)2021-03-25T22:23:32+08:00

We’re Ready For The Green Light


We are now more ready than ever to get young people back in the outdoors. From chaos we are witnessing examples of the resilience and adaptability of the human race and a recreating of our internal and external worlds. Unexpectedly, the much-maligned use of technology has really come into its own to support us across the world.

We’re Ready For The Green Light2021-03-25T07:58:30+08:00

How AdventureWorks is Adapting


2020 wasn't what we expected! In this blog we provide the many ways in which we have adapted such as staff connection online, online programs, creating programs in WA as well as preparing a Covid-management plan. We can't wait to be exploring our backyard in WA with everyone and finding a safe way to interact and remain a positive community.

How AdventureWorks is Adapting2021-03-25T22:18:07+08:00

Raising Gutsy Girls


At AdventureWorks WA we support 'Raising Gutsy Girls' through our Rite of Passage program for schools. In this, we support young women to have courage in the face of challenge. We create space to have conversations about what it is to be a young woman today and talk about the tools she has for the life ahead of her. Read on to find out more about the program!

Raising Gutsy Girls2021-03-25T22:28:49+08:00

Rite of Passage Journey Camp


At AW we love building long and lasting relationships with schools, teachers and students. At John Wollaston we now deliver a Rite of Passage Journey Camp program for the year 8, 9 and 10 cohorts. We start by recognising the start of the journey to adulthood and take the year 8 students camping into the beautiful Dwellingup Bush.

Rite of Passage Journey Camp2021-03-25T08:05:49+08:00
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