Tribe Spotlight - Callum B.

At AdventureWorks WA, we don’t hire. We invest.

That’s why our Tribe is part of what makes us so exceptional and we love to celebrate them.

In these Tribe Spotlight features, you can get to know our team, from their interests outside of work to all the wonderful qualities that make them such special people.

Callum - Our loveable, dancing rogue

Self-described as a playful, loving, inspirational, adventurous leader, Callum is a powerhouse of energy.

With an unquenchable zest for life, he puts a smile on the face of anyone in his presence!

He’s the kind of guy who can do it all: from busting out some seriously good dance moves, to gently holding space for young people in conversation, to leading large group activities with ease.

Introducing, Callum…

Adventure Works WA Tribe Member and Facilitator | Callum Barton

What drew you to working with young people in the Outdoor Education & Adventure space?

The opportunity to make a difference and do something exciting and aligned with my values meant this space called to me.

I love working with young people- they’re inspiring to learn from, and I get to grow as a person and be a role model to help them.

What have you been involved with outside of AdventureWorks?

Before starting with AdventureWorks in September 2018, I studied in Fitness and achieved a Cert 3 & 4. I’ve also been involved in surf rescue and love moving my body in the outdoors!

Which part of our programs do you enjoy running the most?

The Honouring Ceremonies we run, hands down!

What kinds of breakthrough moment or transformations have you seen youth/teachers/parents experience on an AdventureWorks program?

When young people have a safe space where they can be themselves all kinds of great transformations take place.

Conversations occur that otherwise never would have, and  students and teachers begin to see each other in new different ways.

Which famous person (alive or dead) would you love to take away on an AW camp?

The Rock.

If you had a day completely to yourself with no obligations...how would you spend it?

Lots of playing, lots of dancing. Time outdoors with friends. Good food and laughter.

What's your favourite animal and why?

Dogs. They inspire me to be playful, loving, forgiving and alive!

Tell us something unique and interesting about yourself!

I’m an Uncle to 5 beautiful nephews.

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