Into Adulthood

AdventureWorks WA is passionate about working with schools, organisations and communities to create a generation of connected, resilient and capable young women and men who contribute their gifts in service to their community.

Using leading theories and transformational frameworks AdventureWorks has designed and developed Australia’s most inspiring and empowering Rites of Passage programs.

Our very own INTO ADULTHOOD programs work with young people within their schools, sporting clubs or with parents and families to prepare and support transition safely to healthy young adults:

  • Connected – I know myself and see my part in the world.
  • Resilient – I know how to manage adversity and remain true to myself.        
  • Capable – I know my strengths and how to use them

Young people need challenge;  Our programs challenge adolescents in ways that promote safe, deep and healthy engagement in a process of understanding themselves and their place in their community.  Healthy challenge embeds resilience, confidence and capability.  We believe that if we don’t challenge our adolescents in healthy ways, they will find unhealthy and potentially dangerous ways of challenging themselves.

Young people need space to talk; We believe that young people need space to talk about what really matters to teenagers today to share their struggles, so that they know they are not alone. Our society simply does not create enough spaces where young people feel safe to talk or feel truly listened to.

Every person has genius; We believe in the unique brilliance of every young person. When adolescents are supported in discovering their unique gifts, talents and strengths, their vision for sharing those gifts with their community becomes clear.

Young people need time away from modern distractions; We believe that unplugging young people from their daily distractions of social media, gaming, fashion, competition and small talk and engaging them with the awareness of the deeper meaning of their lives, allows them to develop the skills to proactively work toward their vision rather than reacting to life. We believe this is the way to create responsible, motivated and resilient young adults.

 As the leaders and influencers of our future, we believe that when inspired and supported with the skills to understand themselves and others, young people will make great choices, become strong role models and grow into future leaders that change the world.