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Here at AW, we are passionate about creating opportunities for meaningful connections between young people and the influential adults in their lives. Our bespoke parent/child adventures reflect this and were created to empower parents/guardians and their teens to deepen their connection with each other through challenge, conversation and adventure. Our expert team provide the space for you to disconnect from technology and connect with one another in the stunning West Australian bush.


All of our parent/child experiences are 2 nights/3 days and take place in a range of beautiful outdoor environments around Perth and South West Region.
We purposely choose to be a little secretive about the specific details of all of our programmes to remove expectations, build excitement and feed your curiosity.
Don’t worry though, you will be provided with a what to bring list on registration and meeting location details two weeks prior to your adventure.

On your parent/child experience you can expect to:
• Spend time one on one with your child in a supported and safe environment
• Be surrounded by nature and the natural environment
• Switch off from technology and all outside distractions
• Be camping in tents or basic cabin accommodation
• Experience a range of adventure and challenge activities
• See the best in your child and be seen differently by them
• Share stories, listen deeply and be listened to
• Be pushed out of your comfort zone both physically and emotionally
• Build skills and ideas to support positive family relationships
• Build networks and friendship groups with other parents and teenage children

Our facilitators know how hard to push hard on the outside to ensure good stuff happens on the inside.


If you are unsure about any of the course activities, please contact us or click below for more information.


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