WHY Adventure Works

During the 20 years that AdventureWorks has spent working with groups and individuals we have observed and been inspired by the experiences and processes that support change on a physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual level. 

 We all know that switching off from the distractions of everyday life and being exposed to new adventures or profound nature sometimes creates moments of intense clarity and learning can happen.

We also know that skills such as resilience, empathy, leadership and communication are developed through real life experiences and situations.

You may have experienced a learning or transformation in thinking, behaviours or self-belief by moving outside of our comfort zone and stepping into a challenge or ordeal.


Our experienced and passionate team use the Art and Science of excellent facilitation, coaching conversations and techniques that ensure every experience provides the group and individuals with maximum learning impact.  These understandings and insights are transformative in nature and relate directly back to home, school and work environments for immediate impact and future success. 

What has felt right to us over the last 20 years is now supported by research and demonstrates that brilliant outdoor learning experiences can:

  • Foster deeper relationships
  • Improve resilience, self-confidence and wellbeing
  • Boost cohesion and a sense of belonging
  • Improve engagement with learning
  • Improve knowledge, skills and understanding
  • Support achievement
  • Smooth transition experiences
  • Provide opportunities for leadership, co-design and facilitation
  • Improve communication and team development


The field of coaching is a researched and leading transformative framework to support self-awareness, great relationships, improved communication and managing changing environments.  

Coaching provides a valuable solution focused approach and the ability to influence, engage, motivate and achieve.  Our programs are designed to support the development of effective, resilient and flexible individuals and teams.


Effective facilitation in action is both an Art and a Science and can bring to life the learning and the experience from any activity or process.

Our programs and team members will use the facilitation and reflection tools and techniques to provide experiences that are inspiring motivating and potentially life changing.