About AdventureWorks


Inspired by Scottie and Mary Wood, AdventureWorks WA is a learning and development organisation that designs and delivers bespoke programs with a strong focus on outcomes and results. 

In an experiential environment, our adventures work with organisations, schools and individuals to build self-awareness to focus on skills and strengths. Our team will facilitate and coach to strengthen relationships, communication, positive emotions, personal and team resilience, leadership, promote mindfulness and encourage healthy lifestyles.

Our adventures provide the environment, the support, the theory and the processes to understand ourselves and our team, what inspires and drives us, what our strengths are, how we create a vision and get the most out of ourselves and our team and life.


To inspire good men and women to build and lead resilient and compassionate organisations and communities.


Encourage individuals to recognise and use their gifts and passions.


Are represented in our IMPACT model that underpins the way in which we design and deliver our programs, operate as individuals and a business


We have linked what we do to a simple Model that communicates how we work and why. The IMPACT Model gives us a framework for designing and delivering our programs and to work with clients to get the most out of their experience.


We are specialists at what we do and have been working with individuals, schools and organisations for over 20 years

We believe in learning by doing and our programs and activities inspire change and transformation outside the classroom and work environment by putting theory into practice

We aim to challenge inspire and motivate for personal growth and individual or team outcomes.

There will be fun creating high energy experiences with a focus on fun and laughter

You will be inspired in the outdoors with no distractions or electronic devices.

We go to amazing places across WA including the South West, Perth region and The Kimberley.

You will be safe because our compliance process, staff recruitment, training, accreditation, operating procedures, risk assessment and evaluation processes are maintained, monitored and actioned by our amazing team.

We have an amazing team with a passion for the outdoors and to facilitate inspiring and motivating experiences.  They are trained to the highest levels and hold relevant qualification and experience for the programs and activities that they facilitate.

We offer a huge range of activities that include: – rock climbing, sea and river kayaking, rafting and raft building, bush walking, geocache, bush navigation, mountain biking, challenge ropes courses and team development activities…with new activities added regularly.

 I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

                                                                                                                                        – Confucius