At AdventureWorks WA we support Raising Gutsy Girls through our Rite of Passage program for schools, support young women to have courage, not fear in the face of challenge. We create space to have conversations about what it is to be a young women today and talk about the tools and genius she has for the life ahead of her.


Here is a TED talk discussing the topic –


For more information about building good young women see our Into Adulthood Programs.


Every young person has potential.

Every young person has the potential to be an awesome young adult.  Sometimes it is clear and sometimes you need help to find the person you want to become.

Our programs provide space to learn, change and grow into your potential.

The journey to adulthood is changing.

In our 25 years of working with young people we know things are changing, the pathway to adulthood is becoming increasingly tricky to navigate.

In response we have recreated our programs to meet the changing needs of young people.

All AW programs are underpinned by a Rite of Passage framework with a health and wellbeing focus.